DOG FANCY Cover Shoot: Havanese

Ever wonder how the editors of DOG FANCY get that perfect cover shot? Get an inside look at the photo shoot for the February issue of DOG FANCY.

Meet the adorable cover dogs and see an exclusive behind the scenes preparation and interviews with the dogs and their owners. Watch this month’s video featuring the entertaining and spirited Havanese.



The Havanese is a member of the bichon family of small companion-dog breeds. Pampered pets they were considered a status symbol in Cuba for many years.  Today the breed’s following is based in the United States. Havanese owners cherish these comedic and spirited dogs.  Intelligent and easy going with their family, they can be wary of strangers and make excellent watch dogs. Rumor has it that they have performed in European traveling circuses and they are reportedly easy to train. A lovable and friendly dog they love affection and moderate physical nearness.


-Learn more about the Havanese-

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