DOG FANCY Celebrates 40 Years in the Dog World

The 40th anniversary issue features Martha Stewart on the magazine’s first non-canine cover.

Talk about a good thing: DOG FANCY will commemorate its 40th anniversary issue in October by featuring the first non-canine on its cover – media mogul and animal advocate Martha Stewart.

DOG FANCY editor Ernie Slone says Stewart was a natural choice to appear on the milestone issue. “Martha is not only a self-made media mogul, but she is also an animal advocate,” he says of Stewart, who has rescued not just dogs and cats, but also two black Welsh sheep, three Pomeranian geese and three donkeys, all of which live on her farm.

Stewart appears on the cover with her new Chow Chow puppy, Ghenghis Khan, and French Bulldogs Francesca and Sharkey (she also has five cats and 25 canaries), and opens up about her love for animals, what she cooks for her pets, and yes, even where the dogs sleep (for the record, the Frenchies snooze with Martha in her bed).

The issue also features the debut of Adopted Dog, DOG FANCY’s first “flip” double issue dedicated to adoption and rescue. “At DOG FANCY, we are dedicated to promoting fun and loving companionship with our dogs, whether they are prizewinning purebreds or magnificent mutts,” Slone says.

For Stewart, pets are a crucial ingredient to a well-lived life. “For me, it’s all about feeding, grooming and playing with your animals; including them in your life rather than putting them away; and trying to integrate pets of all kinds into a household to make the home a livelier place,” Stewart tells writer Andrew DePrisco. “Not to mention, I do read DOG FANCY!”

The October issue of DOG FANCY, featuring Adopted Dog, is on newsstands now.

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