DOG FANCY April 2013

Puppy issue! Meet the bouncing Boxer, see which dog breeds do best with kids and more!



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BoxerDOG FANCY Cover Shoot Video: Boxer Puppies

Meet the two bouncy Boxer puppies that grace the cover of this month’s issue. Get an inside look at the April issue of DOG FANCY and learn all about the Boxer. More>>

Puppies, Puppies, Puppies! 

Upload and share your photos in our puppy photo gallery. More>>

Puppy Contest Photo Gallery

See the online gallery from our cutest puppy contest. More>>

DIY Chicken Jerky Treats

With a cloud hanging over jerky treats from China, drying your own jerky means total control over ingredients.With a cloud hanging over jerky treats from China, drying your own jerky means total control over ingredients. More>> 

Military Dogs Have Their Day

At the 2013 Tournament of Roses Parade, millions of viewers across the country got a preview of the nation’s first monument, to be dedicated in October, that salutes military working dogs and their handlers. More>> 

Meet the Breeds

Want to learn more about this month’s featured breeds? 

Boxer puppiesBoxer
Developed in Germany as a medium-sized security dog, the Boxer combines the blood of a mastiff-type breed that was used for hunting, herding and protection with that of the Bulldog. The result is a smooth-coated, agile dog measuring up to 25 inches at the shoulder… More>>

  • Whippet
    The Porsches of the dog world, these elegant sighthounds hae clean, swift lines and powerful engines. Developed in the north of England about 200 years ago, they are a cross between small English Greyhounds and various terrier breeds… More>>

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