Dog Fakes Cough So Owner Would Stay Home With Him (And It Worked!)

Move over, Ferris Bueller. This dog can fake sick like a total pro.

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Sully is one sneaky pup. Kennnaughty/Twitter
Chrissa Hardy

Even the best among us have pretended to be sick to stay home from school or work. Sometimes you just need that time away from the rest of society. And faking sick is a skill only humans possess, right?

Wrong! A dog named Sullivan (Sully), recently faked a cough to get his owner to stay home, and this talented little actor actually pulled it off.

Sully’s mom Kennady Longhurst tweeted about her pup’s hilarious deception, and the tweet quickly went viral.

“The cough was a mix between a gagging, choking, and cough. It was really loud too,” Longhurst told “There weren’t any symptoms besides that! But it just sounded so awful that we decided something must be wrong.”

After the vet tested Sully for kennel cough, and found no other symptoms or health concerns, Longhurst and her husband, Alex Salsberry, took Sully home. Upon checking in with the doctor a few days later, their vet shared another possible reason for the cough.

“The vet said sometimes animals will fake limps or act funny to get some extra attention. Me and my husband went home and called a few more vets for their opinions, and they all said that it is possible for some really smart animals to pull that off,” Longhurst said.

Sully is now 1-and-a-half years old, and has already pulled off his first caper. That’s pretty impressive.

“I will admit I have stayed home from a college class or two because he makes the SADDEST face when we leave and I just couldn’t bare it,” Longhurst said. “But this is the first time he pulled something like this, and hopefully the last!”

Despite his newfound fame, Sully is still the same sweet pup.

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