Dog Brilliantly Masters Fear Of Ladders And Cords

Rather than letting his fears of ladders and cords paralyze him, Bentley the Bulldog is facing them head, er... butt on.

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"I'm really in a pickle now." Via YouTube
Chrissa Hardy

How do you face your fears? When you notice a terrifyingly large spider in the corner of your shower, do you courageously and calmly face it and deal with it accordingly, or do you run from the room screaming your lungs out? Personally, I tend to go with the latter.

But when faced with an actual ladder (and a cable), a Bulldog named Bentley did the former. In a video uploaded to YouTube by Mister Bentley the Dog, Bentley handles his fear of ladders and cords with brilliance, grace, and a stellar backwards strut that Michael Jackson would applaud.

"Ruh-roh...." Via Mister Bentley the Dog/YouTube

“Ruh-roh….” Via Mister Bentley the Dog/YouTube

Bentley realizes that the only way to get past the ladder and cord is to walk next to the ladder, and step over the cord. He’s clearly not psyched about his lack of options, but with a little encouragement from his owner, he owns his fear and completes the task at hand.

He turns around, and crosses over the cable butt-first and walks backwards.

Via Mister Bentley the Dog/YouTube

“Pshhh. I got this.” Via Mister Bentley the Dog/YouTube

He does this doggy moonwalk until he’s completely outside, a safe distance away from his nemeses.

Well done, Bentley! You inspire us all to be a little braver.

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