Dog Exhibits 4 Strong Emotions After Owner Attempts to Trick Him

Does not seem like the right dog to trick to me.

When I pretend to throw a ball for my dog, it usually takes him running across half the yard to figure out that the ball was never thrown, or in some cases, never even existed. I know it’s not very nice, but at least it gets him some exercise. Sometime he knows better, and waits for me to actually throw it, all the while smiling widely in anticipation. Some dogs, however, don’t always see the humor in this trick.  

Shortly after Reddit-user and dog owner Jasmine Milton pretended to throw a ball for her dog Anuko, she took several photos of his facial expression. His disappointment and resentment towards Milton is palpable to say the least. 

Anuko the Husky 

I imagine the following four thoughts attached to each picture:


  1. OK, this ol’ game again. Throw the ball, pick it up.
  2. She’s winding up her arm, here it comes!
  3.  I don’t think I saw a ball leave her hand…
  4. Yeah there definitely was never a ball. 

Following the photos success online, an artist named A.C. Mickey drew illustrated versions of Anuko, which look straight out of a animated film’s storyboard.

Anuko the Husky 



Turns out Anuko is no stranger to facial expressions. Follow him on Instagram here.

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