Dog Escapes Backyard Via Trampoline, Follows Owner To Work

Paddy refused to stay home while his owner went to work. And how he tracked him down began with a trampoline.

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Paddy's not really the stay-at-home type of dog.
Chrissa Hardy

While their owners are at work, most dogs enjoy a leisurely life of naps and… more naps.

And then there’s Paddy, who would much rather commute to work every day in order to be closer to his owner. The male Labrador-Collie mix escaped his yard one morning and found his owner, Thomas McCormack, on the train, according to a video posted to YouTube by SWNS TV.

"Wait for me, Dad! Wait for me!" Via YouTube

“Wait for me, Dad! Wait for me!” Via YouTube

Apparently, after McCormack left the house, Paddy escaped the kennel and used the trampoline in the backyard to bounce his way over the 6-f00t fence (the neighbors saw him do it). McCormack thinks the 4-year-old pooch was then able to track his scent all the way to the commuter train.

"Mondays, am I right, Dad?" Via YouTube

“Mondays. Am I right, Dad?” Via YouTube

During the video, while McCormack marvels at this strange escape, Paddy goes through the escape route in a bit of a reenactment.

"Get outta my way, you lousy fence." Via YouTube

“Get outta my way, you lousy fence.” Via YouTube

Seeing Paddy go through the motions is certainly more impressive than hearing the story, but still it’s baffling that this dog managed such a feat.

"Yeah, I'm pretty brilliant." Via YouTube

“Yeah, I’m pretty brilliant.” Via YouTube

Clearly Paddy is not your average dog.

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