Dog Ecstatic As He Is Reunited With His Best Friend

Sandy the dog just knew his owner was in the house, but he had to find her.

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Sandy and Maria have been through a lot together, and it showed when she returned from a 7 month trip. Via Maria’s Journey/Facebook
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Maria Maciocia has gone through a lot in the last several years. She battled an eating disorder and an abusive relationship. When Maciocia had to leave Sandy for seven months, she left him in the care of her parents in Scotland, where she and Sandy lived after Maciocia lost everything, including her will to live, she wrote in her blog.

Sandy has stayed by her side over the years, through thick and thin. When Maciocia returned from her long time away from her best friend, her dog was ecstatic. But he had to find her first.

In a video uploaded to Facebook, Sandy is brought into the house, and he just knows Maciocia is near. Her search for her is epic and when he finds her? Well, tears are shed.

He begins his frantic search for her, barking along the way as he searches the first floor of the house. He then ventures upstairs and continues his search through four bedrooms until, in the fifth bedroom, he finds Maciocia.

Sandy is beside himself with joy as he finds Maria. Via Maria’s Journey/Facebook

Sandy is beside himself with joy as he finds his owner. Via Maria’s Journey/Facebook

Sandy is just beside himself with joy and happiness after he finds Maciocia, and Maciocia screams with joy. Sandy jumps on the bed to give Maciocia some kisses, his tail wagging uncontrollably as the two are reunited after a long time away from each other.

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