Dog Adorably Drives Boy Around In Toy Car

It's official – there's nobody on the open road as cute as this dog and little boy.

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Looks like this pup could have a successful career as a chauffeur.

Apparently Miss Daisy can drive herself just fine. That is, when Miss Daisy is a dog and the car is remote-controlled.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by user Jessica Wolf, a dog named Daisy drives a toy car around with a young boy as the only passenger. The car is remote controlled and is being operated by Daisy’s owner, allowing her to start and stop the car as needed.

"Don't worry, kid. I've got this." Via YouTube

“Don’t worry, kid. I’ve got this.” Via YouTube

The impressive part about this is the fact that Daisy is actaully steering the car herself. The young boy looks on without a care in the world, clearly trusting his canine friend to safely drive them around.

Just a dog driving a car like it's NBD. Via YouTube

Just a dog driving a car like it’s NBD. Via YouTube

They do several laps around what appears to be the driveway, with Daisy guiding them around in circles.

So what ELSE can this insanely clever dog do?

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