Dog Drives Owners’ Pickup Truck Through A Fence And Into A Pool

Caroline the black Lab probably won't be getting her license anytime soon after causing her owners' truck to crash into a pool.

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One black Lab is in the doghouse after causing her owners' truck to take a dive into a pool. Via WRAL/Facebook

“I don’t blame her for it,” Michael Smith told WRAL. “It’s just one of them odd accidents you just read about in the newspaper or see on the news.”

And odd is right. Smith’s black Labrador Retriever caused his wife, Ruth, to crash their pickup truck through a wooden fence before splashing hood-first into the shallow end of a stranger’s pool.

The Smiths were making an otherwise uneventful grocery run with their dog, Caroline, when something in the parking lot scared the Lab. The 90-pound pooch pinned Ruth’s foot to the accelerator of their 1988 Dodge pickup truck.

“We were probably going 50, 55 miles an hour,” Michael said.

Somehow, Ruth managed to not freak out, telling herself to keep the steering wheel straight and try to avoid crashing into any other cars. When she saw the wooden fence, slamming into it must’ve seemed to be the least terrible option.

"Wait, I did what?" (Photo: WRAL TV/Facebook)

“Wait, I did what?” Via WRAL TV/Facebook

That’s about when John McNamara saw the Dodge drive into his pool. He and his wife were in their kitchen and when he yelled that there was a truck in the pool, she didn’t believe it.

“She laughed at me and said, ‘What are you doing, smoking or something?'” he told the station. “And I don’t smoke!”

Although McNamara will need a new fence — and the Smiths’ truck might be a goner — there were no injuries and no charges will be filed.

Caroline, though, might be riding in the back seat from now on.

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