Dog Drama in the Courtroom

A lawyer learns some new tricks from a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy.

Lawyer Andy Carpenter loves dogs and will do anything to defend them. And in the recently released book “New Tricks” by David Rosenfelt, he continues to do just that. Though he may be ridiculed by the press for his canine compassion, Carpenter stands by his clients – be they two or four-legged.

But when he’s called on to represent a murdered man’s Bernese Mountain Dog puppy in a custody battle, he soon realizes that the case is not just business as usual. In fact, the dog is not just any dog. Carpenter’s wagging ward had a valuable secret. So valuable that some humans have and will kill for it. As the mystery unfolds, Carpenter realizes that he must do anything he can to save the puppy, in and out of the courtroom.

Aided by his own Golden Retriever Tara, Carpenter knows that this doggie dilemma will require something more than what he’s prepared for. But the closer he gets to the case, the closer those he loves come to danger. Still, Carpenter isn’t used to losing, and he has no plans to give up the case.

Instead, the lawyer will have to fight for the puppy with everything he’s got in this exciting courtroom drama.

“New Tricks” by David Rosenfelt is on sale now.

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