Dog Doesn’t Wait For Owner When He’s Hungry, Makes Pet Food Runs On His Own

When Pituco wants to eat, he simply goes to the store.

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Rather than beg for food, this little dog goes to the store and gets it himself. Via Agro Pet Paraí/Facebook
John Virata

When your dog is hungry, usually he will tell you in no uncertain terms. A few barks to get your attention is usually enough for him to get fed. A dog in Brazil, however, has a better idea. He takes the initiative and gets his own food, straight from the store.

That’s right. The dog, named Pituco, walks to the Agro Pet pet shop in Paraí, Brazil, and has been grabbing his food from the employees at the store, hauling the goods home by his teeth so he can be fed.

Posted by Agro Pet Paraí on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Pituco is a local at the pet shop, which also houses a veterinary clinic. Pituco apparently walks there on his own nearly every day to grab his pet food, or birdseed or cat food, whatever his family needs, and makes the trek back home.

“Everybody knows Pituco,” Agro Pet’s vet told The Dodo. “His food is on the top shelf, so we have to hand it to him. He barks until we do.”

But it isn’t all free food for the dog. The shop keeps a tab on what Pituco takes, and his family pays the bill later.

Self-sufficient dog or errand runner? Either way, he gets the job done and gets paid in kibbles and bits.

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