Dog Doesn’t Understand Why He Can’t Join U.S. Open Tennis Match

George the dog desperately wanted to play with the Williams sisters. He even brought his own tennis ball.

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"Guys! Guys! I brought you a ball!"

The U.S. Open quarterfinal tennis match between Serena Williams and her sister Venus was the second highest rated tennis match in ESPN history, according to Deadline. Regardless of how many televisions were tuned in, no one was more enthusiastic about watching it than a dog named George. He didn’t seem to understand why he wasn’t allowed to join the match, especially since he brought his own tennis ball!

"Explain to me again why they haven't invited me to play?" Via Bearaids/YouTube

“Explain to me again why they haven’t invited me to play?” Via Bearaids/YouTube

In a video posted to YouTube by Bearaids on Tuesday, George bounces repeatedly in front of the TV, trying desperately to get the attention of both Williams sisters. (And he was definitely the only one watching tennis whose head was moving up and down instead of left to right to left to right as they forehanded and backhanded the ball across the net). George should at least be considered as a ball boy for next year’s tournament, since he seems to have an endless supply of tennis balls to present to the sisters.

The U.S. Open continues until Sunday, so maybe they’ll let you play then, buddy.

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