Dog Does His Best To Hold On To Winter

In spite of the dog's valiant efforts, spring melted winter away.

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If only winter lasted longer. Via justakiwi/Imgur
Cari Jorgensen

Spring, summer, fall, winter — everyone has a favorite season. Maybe it’s spring because that’s when your birthday falls. Or perhaps it’s summer because that means no school. Fall might be your favorite because you love it when the leaves change. Or it could just be winter because you really, really love the snow.

This dog falls into the “I love winter because of the snow” category. In a series of photos posted on Imgur by justakiwi, a black dog is seen desperately trying to hold on to the last shred of winter aka a slowly shrinking mound of snow.

At first, he lies on top of the snow, seemingly guarding it from the upcoming spring.

Spring shall not take this last bit of winter. Via justakiwi/Imgur

Spring shall not take this last bit of winter. Via justakiwi/Imgur

Even though his mission is good so far, the dog decides to check his surroundings.

"Stay strong, winter snow." Via justakiwi/Imgur

“Stay strong, winter snow.” Via justakiwi/Imgur

Sadly, the sun comes out and partially warms the snow.

"The winter shade is still here; we're good." Via justakiwi/Imgur

“The winter shade is still here; we’re good.” Via justakiwi/Imgur

The dog stays on guard.

"I'll save you, snow... wow, you taste kinda yummy." Via justakiwi/Imgur

“I’ll save you, snow… wow, you taste kinda yummy.” Via justakiwi/Imgur

Spring continues to approach, and proves a viable opponent for the snow. The dog still tries his hardest to save winter.

"Stay strong." Via justakiwi/Imgur

“Stay strong.” Via justakiwi/Imgur

Spring, however, prevails.

"We're losing the battle, but I'm with you 'til the end." Via justakiwi/Imgur

“We’re losing the battle, but I’m with you ’til the end.” Via justakiwi/Imgur

The end nears, in 3…

"I'll protect you." Via justakiwi/Imgur

“I’ll protect you.” Via justakiwi/Imgur


"Don't worry. I'm right by your side." Via justakiwi/Imgur

“Don’t worry. I’m right by your side.” Via justakiwi/Imgur


"No!" Via justakiwi/Imgur

“No!” Via justakiwi/Imgur

The dog patiently saves the snow’s spot until winter comes back.

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