Dog Does Her Share Of Chores By Bringing In The Paper Every Morning

There’s nothing like a dog who contributes to the household.

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Molly’s eager to complete her duties.
Cari Jorgensen

Every member of the house contributes something, whether it’s paying bills, cooking meals, washing dishes, cleaning or some other chore. In most households, the pets probably don’t contribute (although I assume if they could mine would say that they warm up my spot on the couch for me and let me know when there’s a visitor by barking).

While those in your home might have their names next to certain chores on the list, not many pets’ names will be on it. Except for Molly’s. Next to Molly’s name is “get the morning paper.” And she does. Every morning.

In a video posted to YouTube by KC CK, Molly is seen excitedly waiting by the door. She spins around and jumps up a few times. No one is more excited to complete his or her chores than this dog.

Her owner opens the door and tells her to go get the newspaper. Molly then turns around on the porch before bolting out down the walkway to go grab the paper. She then proudly trots back in, paper in hand… er, mouth.

Does your dog do any chores?

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