Golden Retriever Caught On Camera Destroying Apartment Doesn’t Think It’s Done Anything Wrong

The dog spent the day ripping everything in its owner's apartment to shreds, then acted like it's NBD.

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"What? Someone else is responsible for this mess."

A naughty dog was caught in the act of making a huge mess, and felt zero remorse.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Justinas, a Golden Retriever slowly destroys everything it can get its paws on. From book pages, to pillows, to a yoga mat, this dog rips ’em all apart.

Via YouTube

“This book has been keeping my owner distracted. Not anymore!” Via Justinas/YouTube

The hidden camera shows the massive destruction — even the moment the dog briefly glances at the camera before getting back to the task at hand.

Via YouTube

“What’s that small device pointed at me?” Via Justinas/YouTube

The best part, by far, is when the dog’s owner returns home. She surveys the mess, and comes back to the dog, who somehow has no idea that this behavior is frowned upon.

Via YouTube

“You’re home! Look, I made you a MESS!” Via Justinas/YouTube

The dog wags, offers up its owner’s fallen glove, and shows zero regret at tearing up the apartment. And you know what? It’s pretty hard to be mad at that face.

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