Dog Is Delighted To Learn That He Can Take His Own Shower

We all sincerely hope to know happiness like this someday.

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This is what happiness looks like. Via Reddit

I saw a birthday card one time that said, “May you always be happier than a pigeon with a French fry.” That did seem like the truest, simplest definition of happiness: watching a bird delightedly fly away with a giant fry extending from its beak. And then I saw this clip of a dog who figured out how to take his own shower, and even a bird with a Biggie-sized order of Wendy’s fries would seem clinically depressed by comparison.

This GIF, which was posted to Reddit’s r/aww board yesterday by user CANT_TRUST_HILLARY, shows a dog who knows what he wants — and what he wants is to turn an outdoor faucet on and feel the water running down his back before he turns around and lets the water massage his back again. And then again.

Although the dog looks like he’s attained a state of bliss that only Buddhist monks (and maybe Oprah) have ever felt, that might not be his owner’s mindset when he realizes what his pet can do. “Honey, why is the water bill $8,000?” one Reddit commenter joked. But can you really — really — put a price on happiness?

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