Dog Crashes Soccer Game And Wins The Internet

A dog ran onto the field at a Brazilian soccer match and scored zero goals, but stole all the hearts.

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"Put me in, Coach! I can do this!"

Who says dogs can’t play professional sports? Well, everyone.

But one dog decided to give it a try by running onto the field at a Brazilian soccer match between Oeste Futebol Clube and Capivariano Futebol Clube. The hilarious moment was captured on camera and uploaded to YouTube by Samuel Esportes. 

In the video, the dog trots onto the field and almost looks as if its waiting to be passed the ball.

Then a player tries to chase it off the field, with no success, since the dog clearly already feels like a valued member of the team.

Via Samuel Esportes/YouTube

“Guys, just pass me the ball. I GOT THIS!” Via Samuel Esportes/YouTube

When an Oeste player attempts to pick the dog up, it snaps.

Via Samuel Esportes/YouTube

“Hey, back off. You are not on my team, bro.” Via Samuel Esportes/YouTube

Then, when a much more sweet and suave player from Capivariano tries to pick it up, the dog happily complies.

Via Samuel Esportes/YouTube

Here’s your cue to swoon, y’all. Via Samuel Esportes/YouTube

The dog is then handed off to a stadium employee, who proceeds to carry the dog like a baby as well.

Via Samuel Esportes/YouTube

“You can carry me like this all day. I’ll allow it.” Via Samuel Esportes/YouTube

The crowd cheers, and eventually, Capivariano beats Oeste 2-1.

Luck of the dog perhaps?

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