Sweet Dog Tucks In Sleeping Baby

A family dog diligently tucks an infant in using its nose.

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Snug as a bug in a rug, thanks to this pup.
Chrissa Hardy

It’s always a treat to wake up from an unexpected snooze and find that someone has covered you in a warm and cozy blanket. A tiny baby experienced this act of kindness firsthand when the family dog adorably used its nose to tuck the little one in under a blanket.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by user baywatch106ify, the dog carefully and strategically nudges the blanket onto the baby’s back with its long canine schnoz.

This baby WILL NOT wake up cold. Via YouTube

This baby WILL NOT wake up cold. Via YouTube

Then, after the baby is completely covered, the dog ensures that the blanket is tight enough by tucking in the loose spots.

Now for the final poke tucks. Via YouTube

Now for the final tucks. Via YouTube

Once the job is done and the baby is nice and warm in snoozeville, the dog proudly walks away.

Is your heart exploding yet? ‘Cause ours is. <3

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