Dog Is Self-Conscious After Getting Caught Mid-Scratch

A dog is enjoying a wild scratch against the cabinet when it realizes the whole thing is being filmed. Busted!

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"Hi... I was just, uh... checking the sturdiness of this cabinet door. That's all."
Chrissa Hardy

We all have strange little habits we’d prefer to keep hidden from the rest of the world — dogs included.

In a video uploaded to YouTube last week by America’s Funniest Home Videos, a dog is having a carefree scratch against some cabinet doors. And we mean the dog is GOING AT IT, rubbing its rump against the wood and enjoying every second of it.

So... yeah. This is what I do in the afternoon. Now you know. Via YouTube

“So… yeah. This is what I do in the afternoon. Now you know.” Via YouTube

Then the dog notices that someone has been filming the whole scene and just freezes. The look on its face is priceless — full-on embarrassment.

But, despite the utter humiliation of its secret habit being revealed, the scratching soon continues.

Moral of the story: Scratch like nobody’s watching, even though millions of people on YouTube soon will.

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