Adorable Dog And Cat BFFs Adopted Together

They were surrendered by their former family, and after being reunited at a shelter, were adopted together!

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Reunited and it feels so good. Via Helen Woodward Animal Center/YouTube
Chrissa Hardy

And they said dogs and cats could never peacefully coexist…

An unlikely pair of BFFs, Ami the shepherd mix and Mikaela the tabby cat, were recently reunited at the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, California, after being separated, NBC News 4 reports.

Ami and Mikaela became a bonded pair at their former home, before they were surrendered by their owners, who were moving out of the country and didn’t want to subject them to a lengthy quarantine process.

They were given to rescue group Volunteers in Defense of Animals (VIDA). But because of their different sizes and species, Ami and Mikaela were kept apart.

Luckily, VIDA was able to reunite the snuggly pair after taking them to the Helen Woodward shelter, in an effort to get them adopted together.

And it worked!

The Helen Woodward Animal Center posted a photo on their Facebook page Monday showing Mikaela and Ami with their new family.

Welcome to your new family, Ami and Mikaela! Via Helen Woodward Animal Center

Welcome to your new family, Ami and Mikaela! Via Helen Woodward Animal Center/Facebook

And though they experienced a rough patch of separation, it’s good to see them finally get their happy ending, together.

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