Dog In Business Suit Is The Only Used Car Salesman We Trust

“Our prices are dangerously low because I can’t read.”

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Shut up and take our money.
Stephanie Brown

In the market for a used car? Brus Griffin is your go-to man dog.

Brus Griffin is the four-legged salesman who stars in a parody of a used car commercial that’s trending on YouTube. The video was uploaded Tuesday by user Steph Stuff and has already racked up more than 625,000 views.

Gilda Brussels Griffon as car salesman

“Should a dog be selling cars?” the voiceover says. “Probably not.”

In the video, a Brussels Griffon, whose real name is Gilda, dons brown business attire and hangs out in and around cars as the owner of Brus Griffin’s Motor World. You can see more of Gilda in all her business suit glory on Instagram along with her brother from another mother, Mr. Griff.

“Our prices are dangerously low because I can’t read,” a voiceover, meant to be the voice of Brus Griffin, says in the short YouTube clip.

Brus may not be able to read, but he has a trustworthy face. Where do we sign?

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