Dog Brings 1-Pound Bag Of Marijuana Home To Shocked Owner

The owner originally thought the dog had just dragged a bag of trash into the house.

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According to officers, the bag contained a pound of pot. Via Jones County Sheriff's Department

When you let your dog run around outside, there’s a good chance that he’ll bring back some kind of souvenir, whether that’s a giant stick that barely fits through the door, a stray shoe from the back corner of the garage or a giant bag of marijuana. Wait… what?

A dog in Jones County, Mississippi, did that very thing, arriving at his owner’s door with enough weed to make two or three more Harold & Kumar movies.

According to the Jones County Sheriff’s Department, the yet-to-be-identified owner initially believed that the dog, named Miley, had just dragged a bag of a neighbor’s trash into the house. When he opened it, though, he smelled that unmistakable scent and discovered a “leafy substance” in the bag. The bag contained a pound of “high-grade” marijuana valued at $1,000, TIME reported.

The Amateur Sniffer Dog  Via Jones County Sheriff's Department

Miley, the amateur (or accidental) sniffer dog. Via Jones County Sheriff’s Department

It’s possible Miley may have ingested some of the marijuana, “but she is fine,” a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office told TIME. Authorities do not know where the marijuana marijuana came from (the case is still under investigation), but it’s definitely from someone whose day did not go as planned. 

Miley has not yet been offered a job with the Narcotics Division, but this seems like something he could put on his resume.

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