Dog Breeds Missing From Group Judging

The AKC does not require Best of Breed winners to remain for the judging of their Variety Group.

Q. Last weekend I was disappointed to go to a dog show to watch the Hound Group and not find a Borzoi competing. There were several Borzoi entered at the show, according to the catalog (program). Where were they?

A. The American Kennel Club does not compel Best of Breed winners to remain for the judging of their Variety Groups (the Hound Group in the case of the Borzoi). You would think owners and handlers would be thrilled to compete for higher stakes but if a handler thinks he stands little chance of placing in the Group or he has a long way to travel to the next show the following day, he may choose to skip the Group and head out early.

That is disappointing for you, as an interested observer – and perhaps future owner – of a particular breed, and poor P.R. for the breed.

Interestingly, the Canadian Kennel Club does require dogs to stay and participate in all judging for which they are eligible to compete. The CKC will revoke a Best of Breed award or championship points won that day if the handler does not stay and show. As a Canadian, I think the AKC should adopt a similar policy.

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