Dog Books of Summer

Summer is the perfect time to relax, grab your best furry friend, and enjoy a good book. See our dog book reading list for every age.

Dog and woman on couchWhether you are snuggled up on the couch, relaxing on the porch, or trying to make time pass on that family road trip, this summer’s reading list featuring books about or with dogs in them has the perfect choice.


Everything Dog: What Kids Really Want to Know About Dogs by Marty Crisp (Cooper Square Publishing, $7.95). This book is perfect for the dog-crazed child and will keep her occupied for hours with its kid friendly format and loads of information on canines.

How to Talk to Your Dog, by Jean Craighead George (HarperCollins Publishers, $6.99). This easy to read, humorous picture book teaches kids about how dogs communicate and then teaches your kids how to talk back! It’s a fun read for both parents and children.

Girls and their Dogs, by American Girl Editors (American Girl Publishing, $8.95). Perfect for those boring summer days when your kids are going stir crazy. Not only does the book have real stories about real girls and their dogs (including a seeing eye dog in training, a show dog, and a hurricane survivor), but the book also has activities like baking dog treats, “doodle a poodle,” and decorating pupcakes, along with quizzes and even trading cards.

Young Adult

A Howl at Midnight, by JK Brandon (CreateSpace, $9.95).  A murder mystery from a dog’s point a view. Anyone will enjoy this tale of doggy intrigue.

His Dog, by Albert Payon Terhune (Publishing in Motion, $14.99). This short story is great for teens who aren’t big into reading (only 64 pages) and has a wonderful moral lesson, akin to A Christmas Carol  by Charles Dickens.

The Plague Dogs: A Novel, by Richard Adams (Random House Publishing Group, $14.95). From the same author who wrote the acclaimed Watership Down, this engrossing tale about two canine heroes who escape the evils of an animal research plant is perfect for the fantasy loving, dog adoring, teen (or adult!)


The Art of Racing in the Rain, by Garth Stein (HarperCollins Publishers, $14.99).  An amazing story told from the view of the dog. Full of truisms, the book is a must read for anyone whose best friend is or ever has been on four paws. Warning, if you are going to read this on a car trip, don’t forget the tissues.

Jack: A Book about a dog where the dog doesn’t die at the end, by Ray Braswell – a funny tale from Jack the dog’s perspective. A lighthearted way to kill time on that summer roadtrip.

Soldier Dogs, by Maria Goodavage (Penguin Group Incorporated, $26.95). This nonfiction tribute to the canine heroes of war is written by a world-read leading reporter. More than just stories, the author delves into why dogs are so happy protecting their human at such a dangerous job, and why they are so good at what they do.

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