Dog Bloat Survey Seeks Participants

Researchers aim to survey veterinarians and owners of dogs who’ve experienced bloat.

Great DaneTwo researchers have launched an online survey to obtain information relevant to bloat, a condition in which a dog has a distended stomach.

Why bloat happens is not completely understood, but it is thought to be the result of a dog eating or drinking too much at once, eating too quickly, gulping a lot of air while eating or drinking or exercising immediately before or after eating or drinking. Large and deep-chested dogs such as Great Danes and Rottweilers are more often affected, so anatomy and genetics may also play a part.

The literature on bloat points in many directions, which has not brought breeders any closer to a solution, according to researchers Carmen Battaglia, Ph.D., of the American Kennel Club, and Cynthia Otto, D.V.M., of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. The aim of this survey, therefore, is to look at conditions that are relevant to the further study of this condition.

The survey is open to veterinarians, dog owners and breeders who have a dog that has had bloat. The survey also asks for information on dogs that haven’t bloated.

As of July 1, more than 2,000 responses had been collected, according to Otto. They hope to have a response rate of 5,000 or more by the anticipated end date of September, she added.

To take the survey, click here. The summary of the results and findings will be posted on the same website in November.

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