Dog Hilariously Blames Another Dog For Pooping In The Kitchen

Who pooped in the kitchen? One of these dogs is pointing fingers, er, paws.

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The mysterious pooper strikes again!
Chrissa Hardy

If you’re ever in need of a trusted ally to keep your deepest darkest secrets, don’t rely on Judy.

Judy is an Australian Terrier and one half of a super sweet dog BFF pair. The other half is a Chihuahua named Sunny. They have their own Instagram account (with more than 3,000 followers!) that shows them palling around as best friends do. But in a video uploaded to YouTube this week by Judy the Terrier, little Judy TOTALLY throws Sunny under the bus when accused of going No. 2 on the kitchen floor.

Enter Judy's betrayal. Poor Sunny. Via YouTube

Enter Judy’s betrayal. Poor Sunny. Via YouTube

The video is short, but certainly informative. When someone asks the two lady pups whodunit, Judy actually replies by pointing her paw right in Sunny’s direction. Well, it’s more like a paw to the face, but still.

She did it. Via YouTube

She did it. Via YouTube

Sunny does not look psyched to be called out in the presence of Mom. I mean, come on, Judy! Aren’t you two in this together? Where’s your solidarity?

They love each other❤️

A photo posted by Sunny & Judy (@sunnyandjudy) on

The question remains… who pooped in the kitchen? Was Judy just trying to be honorable by telling the truth? Or is Judy the guilty party, and she’s trying to cover her canine caboose by pinning it on her lil’ buddy?

Cozy pajamas during this chilly winter❄️

A photo posted by Sunny & Judy (@sunnyandjudy) on

Either way, we sincerely hope we get to see more of their shenanigans in the future. Also, we feel like they could have a spectacular reality show. Hollywood, make that happen!

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