Dog’s Birthday Surprise Makes Our Inner Child Jealous

For a stellar birthday treat, Maymo the dog's owner made him a DIY ball pit. It's incredibly cool.

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It's good to be Maymo.

Do dogs know their own birthdays? Probably not. But Maymo the dog is certainly going to remember this birthday for the rest of his days.

In a video uploaded to his YouTube page this week, Maymo’s owner decides to celebrate the Beagle’s day of birth by creating a killer DIY ball pit in the living room.

The video starts with the furniture being moved to create a deep square in the center of the room with the carpet raised in all four corners. Maymo is curious at first.



Then Maymo’s owner dumps a box of balls onto the carpet, and that’s when Maymo gets really excited. He dives in and attacks each ball until they’re all crunched up.

We think it’s safe to say that — with or without the cake — Maymo was more than happy to turn a year older.

Happy Birthday, Maymo!

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