Dog Best Patient Ever For Girl Who ‘Operates’ On Him

While a kid performed “surgery” that mostly consists of stomach poking on her pet, the dog lay perfectly still.

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Most patient patient ever.

Dogs are man’s best friends. And little-girls-who-pretend-to-be-surgeons’ friends.

A video going viral on YouTube shows a girl using a toy stethoscope and various other doctory implements on her dog for almost three minutes, all while the dog lies patiently on his back.

The procedure appears to be a bit unorthodox. Mostly she presses a clicking pen-like instrument into his belly. Then she listens to his heartbeat. In his stomach.

This surgery looks to be a success. Via Daily Mail/YouTube

This surgery looks to be a success. Via Daily Mail/YouTube

At one point it looks like she checks his ears, which of course you totally do during surgery. Like we said, the dog lies perfectly still through the whole thing.

We put a lot of trust into doctors. The fact that this dog trusts his tiny human this much to let her pretend operate on him at a great length really shows the love.

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