Dog Becomes Style Icon With New Hairdo

Soon all dogs everywhere will want to rock this style.

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"Yes, I know I'm gorgeous." Via nuri.maru/Instagram
Cari Jorgensen

There’s nothing like going to the salon and getting a fresh new hairstyle. You leave feeling so good about yourself, provided you like what the stylist did to your hair, that is. And that feeling stays with you through compliments, smiles… and a ton of new Instagram likes that propel you into style stardom.

This only happens if you’re a little white dog that goes by Nuri Maru.

Nuri Maru loves posting photos on Instagram at @nuri.maru, but she’s grown tired of seeing herself with the same old ‘do (you know the feeling).

#???? ? ??? ?? ??#????

A photo posted by ???? ??? ?? (@nuri.maru) on

Instead of moping around, Nuri Maru took a trip to the D.O.G. Salon. First she tried to go brunette, but one look and she realized it just wasn’t for her.

????? ??#???? A photo posted by ???? ??? ?? (@nuri.maru) on

She tried a bow next, but was still not entirely satisfied.

??? ? ??? ??#????

A photo posted by ???? ??? ?? (@nuri.maru) on

But, as they say, the third time’s the charm. Nuri Maru knew she’d rocked it when she came out of the salon like this:

#?? #? ?? ?? ? ??? ???? ??#???? A video posted by ???? ??? ?? (@nuri.maru) on

Ever since, the puparazi won’t leave her alone. Be it at dinner. . .

?? ????? #??????? ??#????

A photo posted by ???? ??? ?? (@nuri.maru) on

…or just when she’s out and about.

?????? ?? #??? ??#???? A video posted by ???? ??? ?? (@nuri.maru) on

She’s become such a canine style icon that other dogs are copying her look. Like this one:

My new hairdo. Even though I’m a girl. #bichonfrise #cutebichonfrise #doghairdo #puppyhairdo #puppies #dogs

A photo posted by Princess (@princessthepuppup) on

And this one:

And this one, too.

Lol #cutedog #toydog #doghairdo @mijinkokojung @flipbrat78

A photo posted by Anna Lissa (@annalissah) on

Ah, the pros and cons of being fashion forward.

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