Dog And Cat Are, Surprisingly, The Best Of Friends

Baron the dog and Alvin the cat are brothers from another mother.

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"Kisses for my bestie." Via baronthegerman/Instagram
Stephanie Brown

If you thought dogs and cats couldn’t get along, then you’ve never seen a friendship like Baron and Alvin’s.

Baron is a 2 1/2-year-old German Shepherd Dog. And his best friend is Alvin, a 4-year-old cat. They spend their days playing, snuggling and being all-around adorable together.

Luckily, their owners, Eliza and Bernard Richardson, post their antics on Instagram and Facebook for us and all the world to see. The odd couple has acquired quite the following, and Eliza attributes it to the fact that these besties are shattering old stereotypes.

“Most people don’t see [their dogs and cats getting along] at home, so I think it gives them hope for their pets,” Eliza told “Also … German Shepherds are considered dangerous by a lot of people, and Baron portrays just the opposite.”

It all started with Alvin. The Richardsons found him at a pet boutique run by a humane society. They had always wanted a dog, but, at that stage in their lives, the Arizona couple didn’t have the time to train and care for one. So instead, they opted for a cat, which is a notoriously more independent creature.

“We settled on a cat even though we weren’t cat people at all,” Eliza said. “We quickly changed our minds about cats because of how social Alvin was.”

Good morning from Alvin! ??

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Then about two years later came Baron. The couple got him from a family friend when he was just 8 weeks old.

“I was dying to get a German Shepherd at the time and wanted to get into dog training as well,” Eliza said. “He was the easiest puppy I’ve ever had. I trained and socialized him at a young age which really helped him out later in life.”

Good morning! Mamas boy is an understatement…

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Eliza describes Alvin as extremely social, playful and affectionate.

“He wants to be around us or the dogs about 24/7,” she said. “He may go away to nap for a bit, but he always comes right back.”

Not surprisingly, Baron is also social and playful, just like his BFF.

“His temperament has always been amazing, even at a young age,” Eliza said. “I can take him to any public place and trust him to be on his best behavior. We do trick training, agility and obedience together every week. He is of course sweet and gentle with other animals — as most people have already seen!”

Good morning and happy #tbt! (But not THAT throwback) ?

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Baron and Alvin got along right away.

“There wasn’t constant cuddling or grooming from the cat when [Baron] was a young, rambunctious puppy but they certainly didn’t mind each other,” Eliza said.

Now they are total besties who enjoy sharing snuggles and grooming sessions.

Good morning friends!

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There’s also a fair amount of roughhousing.

“Alvin is definitely the boss. Things will begin and end on his terms,” Eliza said. “Baron just wants to play and is most of the time a total weenie.”

Their friendship teaches us not to judge a book by its cover — you never know who might end up being your closest friend.

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