Dog Bad At Stealing Can’t Hide Apple She Took

A Golden Retriever stands up to questioning by her owner and denies her crime, even though the stolen goods are clearly visible.

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"What apple?" ViaJnt436/Rumble
Anastasia Thrift

“Maddie… Did you steal my apple?” a woman asks a Golden Retriever, who clearly has an apple in her mouth. Maddie doesn’t answer.

A video on Rumble posted by Jnt436 shows the dog holding an apple in her mouth while her owner gently interrogates her for her crime. Under questioning, the dog maintains her innocence by not saying a word and arching alternate eyebrows.

The shifty eyes, the nervous energy, the obvious lying... All signs point to theft. ViaJnt436/Rumble

The shifty eyes, the nervous energy, the obvious lying… All signs point to theft. Via Jnt436/Rumble

“Can I have it back?” the owner asks. She then gives Maddie an out, a way for Maddie to say this was a huge misunderstanding.

“It’s not a ball; it’s an apple,” the owner says.

But Maddie knows this all too well. It’s what she’s been after all along.

You can see that when eventually the owner gives in and lets Maddie eat the apple, which she does happily, wagging her tail and chomping quickly, beating the system.

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