Dog Losing His Mind Over Baby Goat Is All Of Us

This dog couldn't contain his excitement when he met a tiny baby goat. We can't blame him.

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"I don't know what you are but I LOVE YOU."
Chrissa Hardy

Meeting someone new can be a very exciting experience.

A puppy felt this same thrill the moment he met a 4-day-old goat. It’s clear from a YouTube video posted by Sean Cadden that meeting the baby goat is the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

It starts off as a pretty chill interaction.

Via Sean Cadden/YouTube

“You kinda look like me.” Via Sean Cadden/YouTube

The 4-month-old puppy is curious, and the goat is indifferent.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 7.41.47 AM

“What are you, exactly?” Via Sean Cadden/YouTube

Then the goat starts to explore the room on its own and the puppy is all, “Hey, wait for me!”

Via Sean Cadden/YouTube

“I’m right behind you!” Via Sean Cadden/YouTube

And that’s when the dog loses his mind and starts clumsily galloping in circles around the goat.

Via Sean Cadden/YouTube

“Ahhh!” Via Sean Cadden/YouTube

The pup becomes a blur and the goat learns how it feels to be utterly confused.

Despite the chaos, this is clearly the start of a beautiful friendship.

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