Dog And Baby Are Super Excited For Dad To Come Home

A dog and baby waiting by the front door for Dad to come home jump for joy in unison when he finally arrives.

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Oh. My. God. DADDY'S HOME!!!
Chrissa Hardy

What’s the best time of day? The time when Dad gets home, DUH.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Natalie G, a dog and baby stand side-by-side at the front door, patiently waiting for Dad to arrive.

When his car pulls into the driveway, a manic explosion of happy feet and paws occurs.

Here he comes! Here he comes! Via YouTube

Here he comes! Here he comes! Via Natalie G/YouTube

The baby stomps on the floor as fast and furiously as the child’s feet will allow. The dog’s tail wags intensely, and it seems as if the excited pooch might just crash through the front door in order to see dear ol’ Dad.

Then, in the most magical moment of all, the dog and baby stomp and paw at the door at a rapid speed AT THE SAME TIME. Clearly this is their daily Daddy’s Home dance.

He's HEREEEEEE. Via YouTube

He’s HEREEEEEE. Via Natalie G/YouTube

The little routine must be a welcome sight for Dad after a long day at work. What a lucky man he is.

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