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Dog And Tortoise Just Love To Hang Out

A Chihuahua/Pug-mix dog and a California desert tortoise go everywhere together.

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The beach is always a favorite destination for these two. Via thetortoiseandthechug/Instagram
John Virata

You would think that a cat and a dog could eventually become close friends, or perhaps a lizard and a cat, but a dog and a tortoise? It happens.

Jill Lover rescued a Chihuahua/Pug named Shirley Chicken the Chug and a California desert tortoise named Stanley, and guess what? They have become the best of friends and hang out together and do all sorts of fun things, as their Instagram page shows.

Lover takes this tandem almost anywhere and any place that is dog and tortoise friendly.

One of Shirley’s favorite pastimes is lounging around. Be it by the pool, on the bed or under the covers, Shirley loves to lie down and chillax. Stanley, on the other hand, will have none of that. Stanley likes to eat, and he will go all over to find some grub. But both of them like to go on adventures around the town. Here they are:

1. Just Chillin In Bed

It’s pretty darn cute when they sleep together.

A photo posted by Jill Lover (@thetortoiseandthechug) on

Shirley Chicken the Chug and Stanley need their beauty rest.

2. Hanging Out On The Porch

Hey, what’s that in your bag, Shirley?

3. Trying Out A New Look

Grandma Kay brought Shirley a tortoise outfit. Stanley likes it; Shirley does not.

A photo posted by Jill Lover (@thetortoiseandthechug) on

They say imitation is the best form of flattery.

4. Walking In The Park


A photo posted by Jill Lover (@thetortoiseandthechug) on

The park is a favorite place.

6. Meeting With Celebrity Fans

Stanley got a bit excited seeing Lois Lane aka Teri Hatcher. It was real, and it was fabulous.

7. Watching Football


Go packers!


A photo posted by Jill Lover (@thetortoiseandthechug) on

Shirley and Stanley the tortoise are hard core Green Bay Packers Fans. Why? Because their mom is from Wisconsin.

8. Writing Christmas Cards

This year’s Holiday card!

A photo posted by Jill Lover (@thetortoiseandthechug) on

Waiting for Christmas can be tiring.

9. Napping After A Long Day


Yes, this is how the three of us nap.


A photo posted by Jill Lover (@thetortoiseandthechug) on

Sometimes they just like to chill with their mom.

10. Looking Out For Their Next Adventure

❤️car rides. A photo posted by Jill Lover (@thetortoiseandthechug) on

These two are always ready for a new adventure.

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