Dog And Cat Are Adventure Buddies

Jessie the dog and Koda the cat are the cutest four-legged explorers around.

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Just exploring the great outdoors like two friends do. Via jessie.and.koda/Instagram
Stephanie Brown

Jessie and Koda are not your average dog and cat duo. These fur-some friends love going on outdoor adventures together.

While it’s fairly normal for dogs to like going on hikes through the woods or playing along riverbeds, it’s not as common for pet cats to enjoy outdoor excursions as much their canine counterparts. (Although adventure cats are definitely catching on.)

Koda the cat was rescued from a farm and spent the first few months of his life living outside before coming to live with his forever family in Canada, The Dodo reports. And it’s clear he still has a fondness for the great outdoors, especially with Jessie by his side.

Jessie, who’s your best friend? ??? #labradoodle #kitten #friends #animaladdicts

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They go on hikes together…

Celebrating #nationaltrailmixday on the trails… Of course! ? #labradoodle #kitten #trailready ?: @gg_2812

A photo posted by Jessie • Koda (@jessie.and.koda) on

…and bike rides.

Dreaming about the summer days…

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They make a sporty pair.

These two are getting ready for the 2020 Olympics! ⚽️ #roadtorio #soccer #2020 #animaladdicts

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Jessie does like swimming more than Koda, however.

Jessie loves making a splash at lake Lillian! ??☁️ #labradoodle #lake #waterdog

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Koda doesn’t even look happy in the tub let alone a lake.

But he sure does love the fresh mountain air.

Smell the mountain air! ?? #kitten #bc #river

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And he can always catch a ride on the S.S. Jessie.

#kodacat hitched a ride on the SS Jess as they adventured the river! #ruffwear #labradoodle #kitten #adventure #ship

A photo posted by Jessie • Koda (@jessie.and.koda) on

These two definitely love to explore. We can’t wait to see more of their adventures together.

Check out more of Jessie and Koda’s adventures on Instagram.

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