Dog And Baby Play The Most Adorable Game Of Catch

Just a baby boy, his dog and a tennis ball.

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"Ready? Catch!" Via ellentube/Facebook
Cari Jorgensen

We’ve all probably played catch before. We toss the ball to the children in our lives and watch them catch (or attempt to catch) it before throwing it back to us. We throw the ball for our dogs, who run and chase it, oftentimes bringing it back a slobbery mess. It’s fun and cute, but not nearly as adorable as when the game of catch is between a baby boy and his dog.

They could play for hours. Via ellentube/Imgur

They could play for hours. Via ellentube/Imgur

In a video posted by ellentube on Facebook, a baby sits face-to-face with his dog. The baby is holding a tennis ball and proceeds to throw it to the dog. The dog catches it and tosses it back. And the game repeats, showing the bond between the two — and the patience of the dog.

We’re guessing this isn’t their first game of catch and it won’t be their last.

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