Piper The Dog Works As Bird Bouncer For Michigan Airport

No one looks cooler keeping birds away from planes than Piper the dog.

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This dog is cooler than you. Cooler than all of us, really. Via airportk9/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

If you’re having trouble with flocks of loitering birds, you might want to hire Piper the Border Collie to take care of business.

That’s exactly what his job entails at the Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City, Michigan — keeping the birds away, as reported by M Live. To improve the safety of airplanes landing on the airport’s runways, several attempts have been made to try to remove snowy owls in the winters and gulls, loons, ducks and geese in the warmer months. These birds have a history of crowding the runways, and not even sirens or pyrotechnics have successfully kept them away.

Enter Piper.

Piper is a 7-year-old Border Collie who chases birds off the runways as part of the airport’s Wildlife Hazard Management Plan. Photos and GIFs of Piper looking like a total badass while doing his job have taken Reddit and Imgur by storm in the last few days, leaving the Internet completely mesmerized by the super cool airport bird bouncer, clad in his work goggles and airport security harness.

But that’s just the beginning. Piper’s owner, Brian Edwards, has taken several photos and videos of him looking his ruggedly awesome self on Instagram, and we can’t get enough.

Here are our favorites.

1. Standing his ground in the center of whirling snow as a helicopter takes off behind him

‘Anyone who stops learning is old, whether twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing you can do is keep your mind young.’ – Mark Twain Piper is a student of his craft, constantly learning. He never settles. Here he learns to deal with snowy rotor wash from @uscg #airstatvc. K-9 Piper: ‘The Student’ – watch the full video on our Facebook or YouTube pages. Eye Pro: @rexspecsk9 Ear Pro: Mutt Muffs Vest: @k9storminc Helicopter: @uscg Soundtrack: Sonic # #airportk9 #airport #k9 #k9team #k9storm #rexspecsk9 #muttmuffs #badass #aviation #helicopter #uscg #coastguard #military #training #winter #snow #dog #dogsoffreedom #dogsofinstagram #bordercollie #bordercolliesofinstagram #proudbordercollies #workingdog #workingdogsofig #traversecity #puremichigan @militarybadassery @becausebadass

A video posted by K-9 Piper (@airportk9) on

Hey birds, you don’t want to mess with this guy.

2. Working hard on patrol early in the morning


How gorgeous is this pup?

3. Giving an air-five to an airport employee about to go on retirement

No badassery today, just a heartfelt goodbye to a good friend. Carl worked as an airport maintainer over 10 years and retired today. These two were buddies. I joke about it, but Piper truly is the airport’s Chief Morale Officer. It’s amazing to me the relationships Piper has forged in just over a year here. And really, that’s his most important job. So, here’s to a job well done. Congratulations and happy retirement Carl! ???? # #airportk9 #airport #k9 #k9team #k9storm #aviation #retirement #congratulations #congrats #buddy #friends #bordercollie #bordercolliesofinstagram #proudbordercollies #dog #dogsoffreedom #dogsofinstagram #workingdog #traversecity #puremichigan @dogsofinstagram @collielovers @proudbordercollies

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Piper loves his job and the humans he works alongside.

4. Showing off his patriotic side


He serves his country by ensuring the safety of those in the air. Piper, we salute you.

5. Back to work after fracturing a toe

“Sorry, owls. A little toe fracture isn’t enough to keep me away.”

6. Cheesin’ with members of the Air Force


We should really thank all four of them for their service.

7. Happily hangin’ at the beach

Have you ever seen a bigger grin than this?

8. Braving a blustery winter day at work


No matter the weather, Piper will do his job.

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