Scaredy-Cat Dog Is Afraid Of Absolutely Everything, Including Paper Towels

When this dog's owner approaches holding everything from an air freshener to paper towels to a jar of mayo, the dog runs away at full speed.

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"Oh no, not the dewy meadow air freshener!"Via Cody Viselli/Facebook

Is it a case of panohobia (a fear of everything), or just a rambunxious dog who loves the thrill of the chase?

In a video uploaded to Facebook by Cody Viselli, a dog who appears to be a Corgi books it away from its owner when faced with everything from a single nail to a jar of mayonnaise.

My dog is scared of everything!!

Posted by Cody Viselli on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

While the video seems to feature a dog who is afraid of absolutely everything, it seems more like a dog who appreciates a routine.

"Stay away from me, Bounty Select-a-Size!" Via Cody Viselli/Facebook

“Stay away from me, Bounty Select-a-Size!” Via Cody Viselli/Facebook

Because no matter what the dog’s owner is holding, it always goes down the exact same way:

Step 1: Dog looks at the item in owner’s hand.

Step 2: Dog goes into a running stance when item is pointed directly at him/her.

Step 3: Dog runs around the living room, around the other dog, and then up onto the recliner when owner approaches holding aforementioned item.

Step 4: Repeat until tired or given treat.

This dog is smarter and way more fearless than the video makes the dog seem.

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