Dog Adopts Orphaned Baby Opossum

Poncho the opossum was orphaned as an infant, and then a loving dog came along and adopted him as her own.

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Hantu and Poncho are the perfect mother-son pair, aren't they?
Chrissa Hardy

Sometimes it’s hard to deny the concept of fate, especially when two creatures find each other in the most amazing way possible.

A video uploaded to YouTube by Myrtle Beach Safari tells the story of Poncho, the infant opossum who was tragically orphaned when his mom was hit and killed by a car, and Hantu, the puppy-less white German Shepherd who took Poncho in like one of her own.

After meeting, they quickly became inseparable, and filled a void in each other’s lives that was dark and empty.

Poncho doesn’t act like a puppy, mainly because he rides on Hantu’s head and clings to her body with his little opossum feet, but that makes no difference to Hantu. She loves him all the same.

"Ready for a ride, Mom!" Via YouTube

“Ready for a ride, Mom!” Via YouTube

And even though Poncho is now fully grown, Hantu still carries him around on her back. They currently live together under the care of the Rare Species Fund.

Poncho never wants to grow up. Via YouTube

Poncho never wants to grow up. Via YouTube

Does it get any cuter than this? We think not.

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