Dog Activities: Go Green

Being Earth-friendly is about more than a single day of action. Want to do something green and good with your best friend? Whether you want to volunteer, clean house, or just spend some time enjoying nature, these activities are perfect for you and your dog.

Check out these great ways to give back and go green with your dog.


  • Plan a group cleanup of the local dog park or dog beach.
  • Plant trees in your yard, a local dog park, or dog-friendly natural park.
  • Volunteer to “poop scoop” your neighborhood.
  • Sign up to clear dog-friendly hiking trails.
  • Go door to door in your neighborhood asking people to donate recyclables; then give the money to a local rescue or shelter.

Clean House:

  • Go through your dog’s stuff and throw out anything that’s not natural or eco-friendly.
  • Throw out any cleaners that may harm your pet and replace with eco-friendly, non-toxic options.
  • Replace your dog’s shampoo with biodegradable options that won’t hurt the Earth.
  • Create a place to store plastic bags to recycle as “doggie bags,” or by biodegradable bags to replace your old, non-Earth-friendly brands.

Enjoy Nature:

  • Take a picnic lunch together.
  • Walk with your dog to the pet store to get his supplies.
  • Have a “green” party with friends and family in the backyard – only natural and organic foods allowed!
  • Turn off all you lights, open your curtains, and enjoy a candle-lit dinner as the sun sets.
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