Dog Accidentally Runs Half Marathon And Comes In 7th Place

Ludivine the hound ran a half-marathon in just over 90 minutes while she was supposed to be outside for a potty break.

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Ludivine takes seventh place! Via Elkmont Half Marathon/Facebook
Chrissa Hardy

Runners in Alabama’s Elkmont Half-Marathon had a surprising competitor — Ludivine the hound.

That’s right, the dog ran the 13.1-mile Trackless Train Trek on Jan. 16, 2016, and came in seventh place, Runner’s World reports. And her owner, April Hamlin, didn’t even know about it!

According to Runner’s World, Ludivine was let out of the house for a bathroom break when she snuck out the backyard and trotted over to the starting line of the race without Hamlin knowing.

When the gun fired to kick off the race, Ludivine started running alongside human racers and ended up crossing the finish line with an impressive time of 1:32:56. According to runners to saw her, she took several breaks to investigate patches of grass, trotted through roadside streams and, at one point, sniffed a dead rabbit.

The 2 1/2-year-old hound dog was given a medal at the finish line, and despite her stellar race time, her owner was a bit surprised her dog ran the race at all.

“She’s laid back and friendly, so I can’t believe she ran the whole half marathon because she’s actually really lazy,” Hamlin told Runner’s World.

Working on results…Wanted to share this photo of that was sent to me after the race. ????This is Ludivane – she ran the entire half marathon and finished 7th overall with a time of 1:32.56

Posted by Elkmont Half Marathon – The Trackless Train Trek on Sunday, January 17, 2016

Congrats to Ludivine for literally being this race’s underdog and still coming out a top runner.

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