Does Your Dog Wear Clothes?

This week at the Pet Style News office has been a hectic one, with submissions for our Editors’ Choice contest coming in every day, sometimes in piles that fill my chair while I’m off mailing packages or meeting with a co-worker. I can’t wait to share some of our best finds in the upcoming October/November issue.Does Your Dog Wear Clothes?

Today I received what one of my co-workers called “a fabulous top hat” for dogs. Most of the packages I receive give me good reason to giggle or gasp, but this one was extra special. We happened to have a puppy visiting the office at that moment, so I immediately tested him to see if he would put up with such a thing. I have seen a number of hats for dogs in my time here, most either baseball-style caps or other ones that sit low on the head, but never one with a few inches of height to it.

The puppy was sleeping when I approached, so I crawled toward him, hat in hand, and delicately placed it on his head, which was resting on the carpet. For a split second, it was one of the most adorable things I had ever seen, but it immediately fell off when he woke up and wondered what on earth this strange lady was doing to him.

With an elastic loop coming down on each side, the hat is designed to attach to a dog’s ears and our puppy visitor was too small to test out this functionality (and I got the distinct impression he would never put up with it anyway).  A good shake of the head would surely dislodge it from most dogs, but I imagine there are some who are very accustomed to apparel for whom it might be a fun thing to wear this hat. It might be a great accessory for a dog attending a wedding or an Easter parade.

While Pet Style News is very heavily focused on pet apparel, I understand that many dogs simply do not put up with apparel of any kind. I’d love to hear about your adventures with sweaters, T-shirts, pajamas, hats or any other kind of apparel or accessory and how your dog tolerated it. While many of our canine friends prefer to run naked, I have seen many dogs who seem to know they get very positive attention when they wear clothes and walk quite comfortably and confidently in high-style outfits. Where does your dog fall on this spectrum?

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