Does This Hamster Need A Change Of Food?

An older hamster has become a picky eater, so does it need a different food?

Q: I have a Chinese dwarf hamster that is really old. What kinds of soft foods can I feed him? He no longer eats lettuce, carrots or his hamster food. He seems hungry. He picks up sunflower seeds and holds them to his mouth but then puts them down. I am concerned about him. Please give me some advice. I want to keep him as comfortable as possible.

A: If you think the problem is that your hamster can no longer chew, either because he has dental disease or issues with muscles or bone associated with his jaw, you can give him “softened” versions of the food he used to eat. Just take his pellets and soften them with water so he can ingest his food without having to chew. You can also add in baby food vegetables. I would use baby food that does not have added sugar. You could also take fresh vegetables and put them in a food processor or blender and mix the ingredients until they are a puree and your hamster can lick this mixture.

Of course, you can find a veterinarian who treats hamsters, and take your hamster to that doctor to see if there is something that can be done to help your pet with his inability to eat properly.

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