Does Sugar Glider Have A Joey Or A Medical Problem?

Why would a female sugar glider have something pink in her pouch if she hasn’t mated?

Q: I was playing with my two sugar glider girls when I noticed something pink hanging out of one of their pouches. I didn’t try to look in her pouch, but I gently lifted her to try to get a better view of what it was.

It looked like a very dry, light pink tale hanging out of her pouch. My first thought was she had a joey in there, but I double-checked and they both look like female sugar gliders. Neither of them have a bald spot on their head, but one of them doesn’t like me picking her up, so I wasn’t able to see her pouch slit.

If they are both female sugar gliders, what could the pink thing be? I’ve tried looking it up, but everything points to her having a joey.

A: Considering your uncertainty if both sugar gliders are indeed female, I suggest a well visit with your veterinarian for clarification. Without a picture, it is difficult to know exactly what you have seen.

It sounds as if your female sugar glider could have an inverted pouch. A veterinarian would be able to clarify this and determine if there is an infection going on.

A sugar glider joey would have a very dark tail, unless these sugar gliders are of a special color variation.

Also, it is quite possible that if these sugar gliders were rehomed to you that one is a neutered male. That would explain the lack of a bald spot. Your veterinarian would be able to verify this also.

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