Meow! Does This Photo Reveal What Secretly Powers ‘Star Wars’ Droid BB-8?

Probably not, but we like thinking that there's a cat hidden inside the lovable droid.

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One Imgur user thinks he's revealed the secret engine that powers this droid. Via Star Wars/YouTube

If you stuck around to watch the credits at the end of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” you might’ve been surprised to see that “Saturday Night Live” alum Bill Hader was listed as the voice consultant for adorable droid BB-8.

But even though Hader gave BB-8 his somewhat limited vocabulary of bleeps and bloops, did you wonder how the little guy actually worked? Was there a person inside his round lower body, the way diminutive Kenny Baker was stuffed inside fellow droid R2-D2? Is he powered by magnets, accelerometers and gyroscopes? Or is the explanation much, much simpler?

How BB-8 works

According to a picture posted by an Imgur user named MeanwhileBackOnEarth (appropriately enough), BB-8 could just be a cat running around inside a ball.

Oh sure, maybe under BB-8’s scuffed orange and white paint job there is a cat, leaving deep indentations in the sands of Jakku — but probably not, for one specific reason.

“This is not true,” one astute Imgur commenter wrote. “BB-8 was all too cooperative with humans to be a cat.”

So we’ll just assume that BB-8 is powered by a sophisticated gyroscope — and by Bill Hader, curled into a tight ball.

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