Documentary Awakens Older Dog’s Inner Wolf

A senior dog cannot contain his enthusiasm while watching a documentary about wolves.

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This old dog is ready to learn some new wolf-y tricks.
Chrissa Hardy

Looks like the wolf pack might get a new member.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by user Eiram, an older dog attentively watching a documentary about wolves sees his wild brethren run across the screen and begins to pounce involuntarily, almost as if its inner wolf is awakening after a lifetime of being tamed and tucked away.

It starts with one pounce and mild excitement at seeing wolves in their natural habitat.

"Hey, I know him!" Via YouTube

“Hey, I know him!” Via YouTube

Then the excitement begins to grow, and the dog jumps closer and closer to the screen.

"I wanna play, you guys. Can I play???" Via YouTube

“I wanna play, you guys. Can I play???” Via YouTube

It’s almost as if the dog thinks jumping toward the screen will open a portal from the quiet living room to the chilly outdoor setting in which these wolves are being filmed.

We think it’s time for this dog to go have a romp in the snow. Or at least a howl at the moon.

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