Do You Want To Walk A Tortoise In New York’s Central Park For $10 An Hour?

Henry is a 16-pound tortoise who needs an occasional romp in the park.

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Henry the tortoise is in need of a walker. Via New York Craigslist
John Virata

Do you live near Central Park in New York City? Are you interested in walking a tortoise? If you are, and you’re an animal person, a New York tortoise lover has the ultimate gig for you, and you don’t even have to scoop poop!

A woman identified only as Amanda has been fostering a 16-year-old African spurred tortoise named Henry since 2013, according to Henry’s very own Instagram page. She’s placed a want ad on Craiglist for someone to take Henry for walks in Central Park on warm weekdays — “no tortoise experience necessary.”

No, this is not a joke. Via New York Craigslist

No, this is not a joke. Via New York Craigslist

Amanda wants the prospective tortoise walker to let Henry roam freely “under your watchful eye,” and be an animal person who is good with people, because Amanda apparently fields a lot of questions when Henry and her are in the park.

She provides a few bits of information about Henry in the ad as well. She says he weighs 16 pounds and is “surprisingly energetic and fearless.” He is also quick, so don’t believe that all tortoises are slow.

There is a requirement that the prospective tortoise walker must be able to lift Henry into the provided stroller, and keep him from eating trash or being fed by children in the park. Other than that, if you’re schedule jives with Amanda’s (and Henry’s), and you like the $10 an hour, this might be a great gig.

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