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Do Ferrets Scruff Each Other To Play?

Is it normal for ferrets to scruff and drag each other during play?

Q: I got two ferrets and then took in a friend’s ferret that was losing fur. The ferrets all love each other. Zeus will take one of the girls by the scruff and drag them. Is this playing or should I worry? They have been interacting with another ferret and picking up habits that I have never seen. This other ferret was caged all the time, poor thing.
A: If Zeus is the ferret playing rough and losing fur, he needs a trip to the veterinarian to find out why he is losing fur.

Otherwise, scruffing is perfectly normal ferret behavior for play. Ferrets are designed to play rough with each other as the skin on their necks is really thick, but such play can be difficult to watch.

Only interrupt if the girl being dragged is stressed to the point of screaming and/or not eating, then give Zeus a time-out for a few moments so the girl gets a break.

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