Do Cats Hate Dogs? Really?

The truth about cats and dogs is, well, they might be friends.

Why do cats hate dogs? – Delilah Leon

Based on what I’ve seen on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, the blanket belief of cats hating dogs might be untrue. I’ve seen cats stealing dog beds — one point for your hyphothesis — but also plenty of cats and dogs playing and sleeping together and generally being best friends, which supports a different theory. If you have a dog, however, here are six reasons your cat might hate your dog:

•    He’s a suck-up. Your cat doesn’t know why your dog has to act so darn excited and grateful about every single meal, homecoming, game of fetch, walk, et cetera. Your cat knows you know she appreciates all you do for her.
•    He has no appreciation for catnip. Chewing on a bone all day is tiresome and not nearly as bliss-inducing as snuggling with a catnip mouse.
•    His claws don’t retract. Your cat is sick of hearing him clickety-clack over every hard surface in your home.
•    He had to be taught how to take care of his toilet needs. For cats that’s instinctual. Your cat thinks your dog is dumb.
•    He has no sense of hygiene. Your dog cares nothing about basic hygiene and has to be regularly dunked in water and lathered up. Your cat is self-cleaning. Step it up, dog!
•    He sleeps all wrong. When you’re sleeping in a window in the perfect sun spot you don’t jump up and go nuts just because some other animal/human/car or whatever cruises by. Naps are sacred.

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